The Gym

Living with a disability certainly places limits on what you can and cannot do, these limits however are usually placed by a person without a disability and despite best efforts, sometimes you find yourself fighting a losing battle. Sometimes their ideas, their boxes, their definitions and their social norms are what limits our lives – because they won’t listen. Continue reading

Welcome Back…

Okay, I went down for awhile. One thing led to another and I deleted all my content from this thing! I’m sorry. I had a moment of weakness, however given everything that is happening at work at the moment and private stuff on top of that – I guess it all just got a bit too much. Anyway, hello!

I’ve not forgotten my promise to cycle to London next year… I’ve just started getting back into cycling as a hobby rather than a chore and am attempting to actually lose weight, hopefully it’ll work.

Anyway, I’m back. Hopefully I’ll get a few posts up soon, I hate the bare blog!