Cycling For Stability

Although I’d never wish depression, or any form of mental health problem, on someone there is something about it that makes the person stronger – that makes you think that you’ve had to battle with your own mind on a daily basis, everything else should be a walk in the park!  Continue reading


The Truth About Being Amazing

I remember in college, when I studying my A-Levels, in the first chemistry class of the year a girl tapped my sign language interpreter on the shoulder (he was sitting next to me) and said something to him. He had worked with me before and said it wasn’t important, he’d tell me at the end -I obviously trusted his judgement. At the end this girl’s smile beamed from ear to ear as he said to me “she thinks its amazing you’re here!” I smiled and nodded but this was the start of the year, our first lesson, she literally thought I was amazing for sitting in a room. If only she knew my results, I think she’d think I was a little less amazing. Continue reading

The Gym

Living with a disability certainly places limits on what you can and cannot do, these limits however are usually placed by a person without a disability and despite best efforts, sometimes you find yourself fighting a losing battle. Sometimes their ideas, their boxes, their definitions and their social norms are what limits our lives – because they won’t listen. Continue reading

Welcome Back…

Okay, I went down for awhile. One thing led to another and I deleted all my content from this thing! I’m sorry. I had a moment of weakness, however given everything that is happening at work at the moment and private stuff on top of that – I guess it all just got a bit too much. Anyway, hello!

I’ve not forgotten my promise to cycle to London next year… I’ve just started getting back into cycling as a hobby rather than a chore and am attempting to actually lose weight, hopefully it’ll work.

Anyway, I’m back. Hopefully I’ll get a few posts up soon, I hate the bare blog!