A Sense of Community

As you’ll see from my recent tweets, I’ve started doing part time work as a cycle delivery person -surprisingly the pay isn’t too bad and I’m loving the fact I get to work outdoors and get a load more exercise at the same time. One thing I didn’t count on though was the sense of community between riders – and not just for the company you’re working for but competitors too! Today is my third day of delivering food for the hungry citizens of Liverpool and despite working alone, listening to music, for the majority; the thumbs up, passing nods/smiles and general chat while waiting to pass a bus that is taking forever really does make you feel as though you’re apart of a team, working together.

Although I have worked for some rather exciting employers and have been based across a number of sites, I have mainly always been office based – it’s why it took so long for me to decide if this is something I wanted to do; the great unknown, is it better Unknown? I was the same when I purchased my first bike as an adult, although only £99.00 I sat for days wondering if I would use it or if it would simply become something to hang guests coats on in the hallway – in the end I just jumped in and, to be honest, I’m glad I did! It unlocked an unknown passion.

As some will know, I’ve been going through a bit of a stressful time at recent. This has really helped! Being more worried about not spilling the customers drink as I cycle down the road and arriving with everything still in one piece is more rewarding than worrying about things I actually can’t change.

I don’t know if I’ll enjoy it as much when the rain comes but, for now, I can’t fault it.