The Gym Saga Continues

As some of you will know, I changed gym a few months ago. What you may not know is that I actually took on a PT in the new gym, to help me get a better routine together and help motivate me to go – I was paying £240 per month for two sessions per week. I was going to do my best…

It is actually a fluke that we’d met – I had a seizure at the gym and he was my knight in tight under armour the PT that dealt with it. He actually made me feel fairly relaxed, he put my mind at ease and allowed me the time to recover – he even escorted me to the bus stop afterwards. All seemed well. Over the weeks our relationship went from strength to strength and although he didn’t do some of the things he said he would e.g. help with my nutrition I let it slide, I was enjoying going the gym and, be it slowly, my weight was going down.

Last week however, his attitude changed. He was more serious, he also (in a very round about way) made some comments about other aspects of my life. Believing that I had just read too much into it, I pushed my doubts aside and continued. However, at the start of the next session we sat down, he was putting new rules in place. Mainly, we’re not talking during the workout to enable better results. I sensed the issue hadn’t been just me feeling “meh” the week before, I got up and walked out.

Now there are a couple of things to take into consideration here. I won’t go the gym if it isn’t fun and talking, to me, is fun – I’ve spent too many hours in speech therapy not to use it. However, it had never stopped us from actually working out, when he said “15 more” we did just that. He also wasn’t happy with the lack of progress weight wise, however hadn’t given any advice nutrition wise despite being asked/saying he would. In addition, I take anti-epileptic drugs which cause weight gain and although there are ways to beat it, I haven’t yet!

I guess I’m a little disappointed. I had finally got the balls to employ a PT and was going the gym more than I ever had to then be made to feel as though I was wasting their time. In addition, I go the gym alone usually and its like everywhere else – I have to worry about what would happen if I were to have a seizure there but while in his sessions, however inconvenient, I knew for at least two hours a week I was safe. I didn’t have to worry and I could somewhat live a normal life with the peace of mind that, should anything happen, he’d know what he was doing.

He is a lovely lad, someone I believe could teach someone a lot. I’m just sad it had to come to an end, especially as I’m not leaving the gym and we’re likely to bump into each other.