The Beautiful Route To 29

This week I’m doing something that I’ve not done before, cycling my way across England. I’m mainly sticking to the cycle paths and I’ve got to admit – I’m seeing a new beauty to the country. On a train you see a wonderful snapshot of the countryside as you whirl past but cycling you see every detail from every blade of grass to every fly that whizzes itself at speed into your face.

I turn 29 next week and I wanted to do something that I’d remember, something that would give me memories and something that is an achievement, that I can say “I done that!” I’m only just over 80 miles into the cycle, and have a couple of sore thighs, but I can see this being something that I do more often in the future as it is something I am enjoying.

The only thing I would say about some of the cycle paths that I’ve been down is that they need investment; they are well loved. The tarmac is somewhat badly deteriorated, the grass is overgrown and signage is low which makes for an uncomfortable ride.