I Want To Be Alone…. Maybe?

So it’s no shocker, I have epilepsy; I have seizures. What is shocking is that I think someone has noticed something that I haven’t – I actually, sometimes, want help and despite my constant requests for complete privacy when I have a seizure, I am actually human; I need support, I need assurance and I need to know someone is there for me during a time my brain shuts itself down and my body crashes.

I’ve never thought about it if I’m honest, I usually take myself off somewhere when I have a “warning” and allow myself the privacy I want but at places such as work etc. this isn’t always possible and telling someone is somewhat easier as they can swiftly clear an occupied room for me.

Tonight I seem to be asking myself has this ‘tolerance’  led me to depend on people a little more than I used to? To trust people? and ultimately is this a sign of strength, to accept help, or is it a sign of weakness, needing help?

I feel strange that someone has noticed this, even stranger that I didn’t. I feel confused as I don’t know what this means nor what it will mean for the future – have I accepted that no man is an Island?