I’m A Bit Immature

I’m not going to lie – I can’t be serious half the time and although a wonderful characteristic of mine, I’m sure you’d agree, I believe there is a bigger reason I’m like this.

In school reports its noted that I was”fiercely independent”, a trait I’ve kept going strong. However, it was also noted that I was 12 going onto 42, at times – I was so mature. I knew what I wanted and knew how to get it, though don’t get me wrong – I also knew how to have fun too! But how come I don’t show this maturity these days? Have I used all my stock and now running on empty? I don’t think so, I think there is a bigger reason behind this.

Having a seizure means that I can’t control of my body, my actions, etc. and I think if I were to be the serious person I used to be, I wouldn’t cope. Having a sense of humour, the ability to see the funny side, means that I can get through the most embarrassing situations by simply making fun of myself and saving myself, and others, the awkwardness of acting as if randomly waking up on the floor in a worse state than I’d be in if I had gone out on a bender is a normal thing to happen. I genuinely believe that my “laid back” approach to life gives people a bit of reassurance that things are okay, it isn’t *that* major and that we’ll both survive the experience.

There are times, not many I must admit, I sit and think if I had stayed as focused as I was when i was younger I’d be in a better place than where I am –  but then I think I have good friends, an okay job, food and a house… What more could I want?